Should You Place Mattress on Floor

You must choose whether to use a box spring, a base, a slabbed bed frame, or just put your mattress on the floor when you purchase a new mattress. Each solution has advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice would depend on the type of mattress. Many people like to place their mattresses on the floor quickly. This is the cheapest path – but not always a safe idea. Most mattresses can be placed on the floor directly, but it is a whole other issue whether or not they should be. You can get the best information about mattresses on

Disadvantages of Placing Mattress on Floor

The floor can be fitted for most mattresses. However, this strategy has some substantial downsides:

  • You may cancel your guarantee – please review the directions and the guarantee terms of the manufacturer.
  • It may result in mildew or mold in warm or damp environments in particular
  • It limits airflow around the column, so it can uncomfortably feel warm
  • It facilitates access to the mattress for insects, including bed bugs.
  • It will increase the accumulation of dust and dust with the mattress
  • It can make getting inside and out of bed more difficult

There are also some advantages of that said. The most important thing is to save money. You could be $150-$300 or more for a standard bed frame or base.  Helps to make a space feel bigger, a unique effect in low-decked rooms. It also has a minimalist feel, which fits well with specific aesthetics of design. You may also want to suggest a platform bed if you like the low profile look.

Tips for Using a Mattress on Floor

There are a few things you should remember and obey best practice if you plan to put your mattress directly on the floor:


It is necessary to keep things clean since your mattress rests directly on the floor. Dust/sweep/vacuum routinely and sanitize the floor at least once a month using cleaning items. Before removing the mattress after washing, make sure the floor is dried up completely. Make sure you still regularly clean your mattress.


Keeping a mattress on the floor can lead to undesirable moisture problems, leading to mold and mildew. To fight it, it is wise to prop your mattress regularly up against the wall to let it air.


It can be difficult for others to get off a bed directly on the floor. Mobility problems typically make it easier to use a mattress on a conventional bed base.


Placing a mattress on the floor helps to insulate the mattress and keeps the temperature on cold nights more comfortable. This way, your mattress can be kept from hitting the floor directly without the need for a bed or base.


Several mattress warranties determine the type of bed frame or base needed for the mattress. The guarantee of your mattress can also be canceled using an inappropriate base. If your mattress is harmed, the use of your mattress on the floor can prevent you from making a warranty claim. Check the warranty terms carefully to determine what kind of foundation you need by referring to the dealer instructions.